Semi-finished products and extrudates made of PTFE - the basis of high-performance products.

Rods, tubes and profiles made of PTFE.

"The good questioner
gets already answered the half. "

Friedrich Nietzsche

RAM-Extrusion zur Herstellung von PTFE-Halbzeugen,
-Stäben, -Rohren, -Platten und -Profilen.

In this continuous press-sintering process, PTFE granulate – defined by the piston stroke and the tool surface – is pressed in individual strokes through the sintering section of the tool and processed to yield semi-finished products. Thus rods, tubes, plates and profiles made of PTFE are produced. At customer’s request, we manufacture precisely graduated tool dimensions so that extremely material-saving and therefore economical production is possible. Beichler & Grünenwald extrudes and presses technical flat, waved and shaped profiles made of PTFE / TFM. Our custom-made profiles are used in many areas of machine and device construction.

Semi-finished products such as rods, tubes, plates and profiles are made from modified PTFE and compounds. Thanks to the diverse manufacturing options, Beichler & Grünenwald is leading with its unique quality-oriented and economic potential in both extrusion processes and isostatic moulding.

Thanks to decades of experience in PTFE processing, our in-house research and development team achieves optimal results in the production of customized and application-related semi-finished products such as rods, tubes, plates and profiles. Competent advice and the best service accompany this process from the determination of requirements to the perfect product. Of course, we fulfill the necessary quality standards and norms. On customer request and after proof of material with the material test number, we can create, – based on our archive organization, 3.1 acceptance test certificates according to DIN 10204 and / or declarations of conformity at any time.

The second generation PTFE (TFMTM PTFE from 3M Dyneon) is optimized by an incorporated modifier, while the basic material properties of PTFE are retained. Shorter molecular chains create a tighter and denser molecular network. The main advantage of this modified, more diffusion-proof material is the better weldability of the material.