PTFE as a high-performance product in semiconductor process technology.

Intelligent PTFE solutions convince with durability and safety.

PTFE as a high-performance product in semiconductor process technology.
Without semiconductor products digital life is unthinkable. Computers, power supplies, LEDs, the Internet, solar cells – and much more cannot operate without reliable semiconductor technology. PTFE semiconductor process technology is a wide term, but it emphasizes that PTFE is indispensable for many processes in semiconductor production. Components made of PTFE are resistant to corrosive gases, chemical influences, aggressive acids and alkalis – PTFE components resist substances that are often used in semiconductor process technology. Frequently applied extreme temperatures and the necessity of high dosing accuracy, make as critical process variables the material requirements for semiconductor process technology so demanding.

PTFE creates freedom for innovative semiconductor process technology.

More powerful, more durable and smaller and smaller: Semiconductor technology set very high demands on the materials and manufacturing processes. Whether filters, seals, cables or lines, the requirements for process cleanness are constantly increasing. Even the tiniest contamination can seriously harm the function of electronic components.

Beichler & Grünenwald is one of the leading PTFE specialists in the field of semiconductor process technology. With our modern production facilities, we confidently fulfill strict purity requirements.

Our reliable, high-class PTFE product quality makes an important contribution to enable error-free production processes in semiconductor process technology. The high PTFE quality from Beichler & Grünenwald supports the economic profitability of demanding manufacturing processes.

PTFE products from Beichler & Grünenwald are chemically inert and manufactured from virginal materials. This absolute cleanness prevents any metallic contamination in the production process.

Semiconductor manufacturers can rely on it – guaranteed.

Benefit of PTFE for semiconductor process technology:

Enormous heat resistance up to +260 ° C

Insensitive to almost all chemicals

Even aggressive acids cannot harm PTFE

PTFE is virgin

The PTFE specialist and development partner for leading OEM companies.
The many years of experience in working with demanding OEMs makes Beichler & Grünenwald to the first point of contact for designers, plant builders and product developers when it comes to design issues and process optimization. Our PTFE experts communicate at eye level across industries and are valued for their expertise. Both on the large and small scale we are available in an advisory and solution-oriented manner with our PTFE expert knowledge.