FE high-performance plastic opens up new possibilities in medical technology.

PTFE as a proven metal replacement in medical technology

PTFE fluoroplastics have proven themselves in medical technology for a long time and the possible uses seem to be limitless. PTFE convinces demanding developers and designers in the field of medical technology with a wealth of outstanding properties.

The almost universal chemical resistance and high purity make PTFE ideal for use in medical and pharmaceutical devices. Specially developed technical PTFE plastics easily meet the strict regulations for materials for medical devices. The mostly very high requirements around medical applications are diverse. Where conventional materials reach their limits, PTFE plastics impress with their enormous range of applications. Typical requirements of medical technology such as extremely high pressure requirements, multiple re-sterilization with superheated steam – even in an autoclave at 130 ° C – are mastered by the high-performance plastic PTFE easily. In addition, PTFE, with its exceptional surface properties, prevents thrombosis from forming.

Beichler & Grünenwald has been working with medical technology companies for years. Products from our company can be found in almost all medical device classes.

Wide range of uses of PTFE high-performance plastics in medical technology.
As a completely inert material, it is biocompatible and has no negative impact on living tissue and metabolism. In addition, PTFE convinces with an extraordinary service life, also in interaction with other materials. Supplementary, PTFE plastics have established themselves as a reliable material in many other areas of medicine.

Fields of application of PTFE in medical technology:

– Analytics and laboratory applications
– Degassing, supply lines, disinfection
– Endoscopy
– Minimally invasive surgery
– Device technology (dialysis, dental technology, surgery area)
– Miniaturization (neck surgery, catheter, cardiology)