Convincing in every way: high-performance plastic construction parts and pre-assembled parts made of PTFE.

PTFE makes more of your technical possibilities and Beichler & Grünenwald helps you with the implementation.

Break new ground in the manufacture of construction parts and be inspired by the high-performance plastic PTFE. Whatever you plan – let us be part of your considerations so that we, as a PTFE specialist, can tell you clearly what is actually possible and how we can work together. Our powerful machinery enables us to implement even the most demanding customer requirements with the best possible quality and precision. Thanks to the enormous variety of our machines, we can guarantee the customized processing of PTFE construction parts and finished PTFE parts. This applies to the semi-finished products manufactured in-house and also to purchased raw materials provided by the customer, such as round rods, hollow rods, special profiles, blanks, plates, foils, linings, bellows, covers and much more.

Produce high quality in an economical way…


...and with reliable quality control.

PTFE competence and modern machines – typical for Beichler & Grünenwald.

In the area of machining, we have several machining centers for turning and milling. Equipped with the latest CNC controls and flexible multi-axis technology, even very complex components can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively. The latest inspection and measuring machines provide central functions in sustainable quality assurance.

Thanks to our in-house automatic lathe, we cover an enormously wide range of manufacturing for a wide variety of components.

  • Turned parts from 2 mm to 1200 mm Ø
  • Milled parts from 10 to 1600 mm Ø can be processed easily.
  • We can also mill slim profiles up to 20 meters in length.

Additional manufacturing facilities enable the finishing of surfaces by polishing, surface grinding and by applying plastic coatings. Plastic coatings prevent adhesion of undesired substances or protect the components from chemical attack. Parts supplied by the customer are very often refined in this area.

In hydraulic pressing, PTFE granulate is compressed into simple molded parts in press molds with hydraulic pressure. These blanks are sintered in the furnace using precisely defined sintering programs. The isostatic pressed blanks are sintered in the same way. Before that, however, the PTFE granulate is placed in tailor-made tools – very close to the contour of the finished part – and pressure is applied from all sides. For finished parts with extremely different dimensions, this is the most efficient way of processing PTFE.

You can expect more from us than just the production of excellent PTFE single parts. We offer the manufacture of customer-specific assemblies from a single source – even if they consist of different parts and materials. In addition to the assembly of the parts, we carry out additional processing techniques such as thermal forming, welding connections, laser marking, ultrasonic cleaning and similar services. Customer-oriented full service for PTFE construction parts – we do it for you!

The combination of a powerful technology realized by modern machines we consider to be the fundament for economical processing and consistent, high quality.

Our employees have many years of experience in machining and processing our wide range of PTFE products. Some have been with the company for over 30 years. In addition, Beichler & Grünenwald consistently invests in the training of young people to become skilled workers and supports them in their further development to become managers in the company. This is how we guarantee a consistently high quality for our customers’ tasks, now and in the future.