Explore new ways.
We will help you with the PTFE product development.

PTFE as a basis for your product innovation

PTFE manufacturer or development service provider? Beichler & Grünenwald is both, because our grown know-how as manufacturer has been the safe basis for our recognized development competence for years.

We are at home in many industries and application areas. There is a trend of our time across industries: In always faster cycles, products, tools, molded parts and assemblies are questioned in terms of economy, sustainability and new regulatory and legal changes.

For engineers and designers, this means questioning the traditional and familiar world of materials from time to time.

PTFE high-performance plastics open up unimagined perspectives in the design.
Metal, ceramic, plastic? What fits together? How do other materials perform? How can different materials be combined? Sliding pair formation, abrasion, food suitability, recycling options and much more require more than ever to think outside the box.

Breaking new ground is always a challenge – we know that, because for us,…the next step means always trying something new and constructively questioning what already exists.

Trust us with your wishes, goals and thoughts when it comes to new product solutions – we support you with all our knowledge about PTFE from the first development step until prototyping.

Product development for PTFE solutions - our offer for you:

Development stage 1 – we support you in the early planning stage with the question whether PTFE is the right way for you.

Product development – we support you in the PTFE product development or take on the product development for you.

Equipment design – we advise you and plan with you the steps that are necessary for the economical construction of the subsequent production.

Prototyping – depending on the complexity, we manufacture individual prototypes or small series – of course from the series material that allows us to carry out the final tests, you can rely on.