PTFE plastic offers almost endless possibilities.

PTFE is a material with exceptional properties.

Competitive advantage
With its extremely long molecular chain, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is one of the most powerful plastics ever. Its outstanding properties enable the production of an almost limitless variety of products for use in a very broad range of applications and industries.

Overview of PTFE plastic:

PTFE virginal – the purest form of plastic
In 1938, the chemist Roy Plunkett discovered by coincidence this polymer consisting of fluorine and carbon, which shows all the properties described. Due to the best chemical resistance and high temperature resistance, PTFE developed into a sought-after high-performance material.

TFM® from Dyneon – modified PTFE for optimized processing
The second generation PTFE is redesigned with the addition of modifiers, whereby the material properties are almost entirely preserved. Shorter molecular chains create a tighter and denser molecular network. The main advantage of this modified, more diffusion-tight variant is the better weldability of the material.

PTFE compounds – or tailored properties

The specific admixture of fillers enables the precise adaption of the desired PTFE properties. For example, glass fiber improves the compressive strength, carbon or carbon fiber optimize the abrasion resistance and the dry-running properties. Beichler & Grünenwald has the know-how to produce and process compounds with mineral or organic fillers for customer-specific requirements.