We are the PTFE expert for your high-tech plastic solutions.

From product development to finished special solutions with special PTFE compounds, we convince with competence, experience and quality.

We started processing PTFE over 40 years ago. Today we are one of the leading PTFE experts and the first point of contact for customers all over the world when it comes to processing of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Our goal is to make full use of the manifold possibilities of the material PTFE and thus to offer economical and customer-oriented solutions.

First-class quality starts with  raw material. That is why we only use high-quality raw material mixtures from well-known, globally active suppliers with a first-class reputation.

With passion and the infinite desire for new things, we are constantly expanding our market advantage. That’s why it’s called Beichler & Grünenwald … the next step!

Big enough for extensive tasks, small enough for quick and flexible solutions.

As a medium-sized, family-owned company, we gained extensive expertise and decades of experience in the manufacture of customer-oriented semi-finished products, extrudates, coatings and special bodies for various industries and areas of application. The close and deep cooperation with our customers makes us unique.

Our production is well positioned for big tasks. But according to the motto: “Class instead of mass”, we are primarily a reliable specialist for special challenges. This attitude makes us independent and is the basis for the special interaction with our customers:

"Where others have problems, we have opportunities."

PTFE the high-performance plastic at a glance:

Extreme temperature resistance from -200 ° to + 260 ° C

Chemical resistance to almost all media

Absolute non-adhesion

Very good electrical insulation properties

Lowest coefficient of sliding friction of all solids

Stable dielectric constant used in the high frequency range

Starting with product development, we convince with innovative ideas and impulses. Our customers know that we are always ready to walk on unconventional paths and take up new challenges.

Especially when it comes to combining the unbeatable PTFE properties with other materials, we were always thinking ahead and have often done pioneering work that led to new high-performance products. For us as PTFE experts, demanding tasks of our customers are that extra something”. We develop chemical formulations in a motivated and consistent manner, design tailor-made tools and use very different technologies to achieve the desired results.

…the next step
Our goal is to make full use of the diverse possibilities of the material PTFE. The spirit of innovation, creativity and implementation capability are always characterized by an economical and customer-oriented solution.