LASER branding for PTFE plastic products - precise, safe and distinctive.

With high-performance marking lasers, we ensure permanent, individual marking of your PTFE products.

Our laser technology is state of the art and makes it possible to provide PTFE products, PTFE assemblies and PTFE molded parts with a distinctive and understandable label. This gives our customers reliable and significant proof of the origin and quality of our semi-finished and finished products.

Customer benefits

Protection against plagiarism

Optimal traceability

Own computer-aided recording is possible

Additional advertising opportunities for end customers

Signature can be applied almost anywhere (depends on size)

That's why LASER branding is special

LASER beams enable an exact representation in the smallest space.

Even hard-to-reach places can be hit

Economical due to high processing speed

Non-contact, without mechanical stress on the products

Resistant and immune to acids, bases, heat, UV radiation and abrasion