PTFE in high-frequency technology - a signal for more power.

PTFE solutions guarantee the highest accuracy in the high frequency area.

The excellent electrical properties of PTFE make this high-performance plastic so important for high-frequency technology. The very low dielectric constant of 2.1 and the dielectric loss factor of tan δ <0.0001 enable the material to be used as a transmitting and receiving antenna in radar and microwave devices. In combination with the other PTFE properties – such as the universal chemical resistance to acids and alkalis and the aging resistance – PTFE is ideal as a material for:

  • Signal transmitter and receiver for level measurements in tanks
  • Outdoor Transmitter and receiver for radio and radar systems
  • Measuring tubes in the chemical industry

Good to know

Molded, compact or even filigree components made of PTFE guarantee for the functional and economic requirements in the high-frequency application. As experienced PTFE specialists, we use high-precision machining technology to produce molded parts that are perfectly accurate.